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  • Mark H. George appointed to TN Board of Regents

    Mark H. George appointed to TN Board of Regents

    Mark H. George, Chairman of IMC Companies, was confirmed to the Tennessee Board of Regents during the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

    The Board of Regents system is the largest system of higher education in Tennessee with the goal to set policies and guidelines that govern all TBR institutions. George was appointed by Governor Bill Lee to serve as the West Tennessee At-large representative from 2020-2026.

    During his confirmation, Mark H. George shares, “I have been incredibly impressed with the TBR staff, their knowledge, their commitment, and their dedication to their jobs. The governor and myself care a lot about trade schools. My business depends greatly on a trained capable workforce. Since I’ve been in business, I’ve never stopped hiring and I’ve never been able to hire enough employees to meet the needs of the growth of my company. Trade schools are very important to me in how we  can train and prepare a more confident workforce in our state.”

    George says he looks forward to his upcoming meetings as a TBR member and plans to discuss how CDL and diesel mechanics can be better prepared in the workforce.


    Posted: March 29, 2021