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  • American Mattress Alliance: Retailers want antidumping supporters to pull petition

    NEW YORK — The American Mattress Alliance says it hopes the U.S. bedding producers filing an antidumping mattress petition will “take the state of the industry into account and pull the petition.”

    The AMA said it has heard from a number of retailers who are voicing their disapproval of the petition.

    It noted that home furnishings sales were down 24.6% in March and said a retail mattress survey is predicting second-quarter sales to be down 50%. Given those conditions, retailers and service providers are speaking out about the timing, the AMA said.

    It included comments from a number of retailers in its latest statement.

    The AMA said that shipping and logistics companies would also suffer if the petition were to be passed. Barry Bernard, president of Ohio Intermodal Services, said, “On behalf of my 200 employees and independent contractors, I implore the petitioners to stop the petition. They have the power to help my business survive during these tough times. Please support us.” To read more, visit Furniture Today.

    Posted: April 27, 2020