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  • The odd face of Memphis 2020: Logistics firms hire, doctors scramble, people wait as coronavirus spreads

    IMC Companies, a Memphis-based freight hauler, responded to the situation by changing how staffers work.

    Office employees now alternate work between home and IMC headquarters, said Mason George, president of national accounts for IMC. The company runs 600 trucks and dispatches 2,000 drivers, including owner-operators who haul the ocean-going freight containers arriving at U.S. ports.

    “We took the conservative approach,” George said. “We sent half the (office) team home. As an industry what we’ve seen has been pretty unprecedented.’’

    IMC managers preached social distancing, and kept the 450-member office staff on duty along with the 800 drivers on the company payroll. No one was laid off.

    “I’d say we have a long-term approach to business,” George said. “We’re willing to ride out a few bad weeks to make sure we’re going to get where we want to go.” To read more, visit The Commercial Appeal.

    Posted: March 25, 2020