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  • Region’s freight network adapts to global change

    ST. LOUIS — Data gathered by the St. Louis Regional Freightway indicates that, in recent years, there have been tremendous shifts in what was flowing through the region’s freight network.

    From iron ore and steel to soybean and plastics, different commodities have at different times moved by the thousands of tons or slowed to a trickle. But those changes have largely gone unnoticed and occurred without any negative effect on the region’s freight economy because the flexibility of the St. Louis region’s world class freight network allowed it to seamlessly adapt.

    “As a global freight hub, it’s only natural large quantities of different commodities flow through the St. Louis region. What’s surprising is the dramatic shifts in the types of commodities moving through the bi-state area in recent years and the origins of some of those commodities,” said Mary Lamie, executive director of the St. Louis Regional Freightway. “No matter what was flowing or where it was flowing from, the region’s freight network accommodated those shifts in the national and global freight environment with ease.” To read more, visit The Telegraph

    Posted: April 2, 2019