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  • National Drayage Services quickly becoming force in cargo transportation

    National Drayage Services recognized in Memphis Business Journal’s small business awards.

    From the Memphis Business Journal –

    Company: National Drayage Services LLC

    Leadership: Christopher Moore, president; James Frederick, vice president of sales & business development; Greg Woitesek, director of client support; Mike Rogers, director of safety & compliance

    What it does: Transportation of international containerized cargo

    2011 Revenue: $19.2 million

    Employees: 48

    Source of startup capital: IMC Companies


    How’s business?: Agressively growing

    Biggest challenge at the moment: Managing the expansions while maintaining the high level of service we desire for existing locaitons

    What will change in the next year?: In 2012, we are on pace to add more new locations in a single year than prior years

    How do you measure success?: The bottom line on the financial reports is clearly important. But haivng the ability to go home at night and rest easy knowing that we gave our all toward doing the best job possible helps make each day successful as well.

    Reason for starting: Opportunity. The market had a need for a new entrant that could preform similar services, but with much better support and value.

    Most difficult part of decision: Implementing the business plan. Having a vision and a paper business plan was the easy part.

    Biggest strength: Reputation and relationships

    Biggest weakness: We’re still relatively young as a company and our growing pains are quite painful at times

    Biggest risks: Starting a trucking company in 2008, during the middle of the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression.

    Smartest move: During our first 18 months, spending an abundance of time and money building our foundation, which was as important as building revenue. This has enabled us to maintain our agressive growth strategy during the last few years.

    Biggest worry: Service failures – failing to support our clients at the high level we desire

    Turning point: 2009 and 2011 were critical turning points for NDS because in both years we had unique expansions that further catapulated our growth trend.

    What do you wish you had known from Day 1? – It’s OK to say “no.” You’ll never be able to do everything or please everyone. And trying will most assuredly result in failure.

    Key goal to achieve: We do not yet have a location in all of the major port and rail cities. We’re getting closer, but not quite there yet.

    What’s in the short-term future?: Finishing our two California expansions, which we’re in the process of right now (Los Angeles and Oakland). Then hopefully Miami and the port of New York/New Jersey will be next before the end of the year.

    Five-year plan: Exceed truck count of 700 and sales of $100 million annually

    Posted: May 21, 2012