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  • IMC Companies Team Explored On-Site Company Walking Trail for 6th Annual “Walk-at-Work” Day

    On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, more than 100 IMC Companies team members participated in the company’s 6th Annual “Walk-at-Work Day,” in which the IMC team and their families took time to explore the company’s 1.5-mile walking trail on a beautiful day. Fruit and water were served at the start of the trail, and healthy box lunches from Subway were provided at the gazebo at the trail’s end. It was a “Jeans Day,” allowing employees to be comfortable during their walk. While this trail was perfect for the annual “Walk-at-Work”Day, IMC Companies chairman, Mark George, built the 1.5-mile trail at the company’s East Holmes Road location for himself and his team members to utilize year-round.

    “Taking time to focus on fitness and enjoy the outdoors is something that is important to me, not only as a company leader, but as an individual,” George remarked.“We built the trail through our property alongside a lake and over hills into the back of our property. It gives our team members a chance to take an all-important break to connect with nature and increase circulation and health.”

    Other team members also see the value in the event and the trail.

    “We do this each year to encourage our people to enjoy the outdoors and be healthy,” said Katie George Hooser, who is in charge of business development at Intermodal Cartage, one of the IMC Companies family of brands. “We want to ensure that, in our industry, our team members work to prevent common health issues such as heart disease. In fact, we partner with the American Heart Association to raise awareness of potential risks for heart disease, acting as a key sponsor for the Heart Walk for several years. ‘Walk-at-Work’ Day is part of our effort to make sure we incorporate health, wellness and nature into our workplace.”

    Hooser noted that she and others often have “walking meetings” along the trail, enjoying the scenery while collaborating on work-related projects.

    Intermodal Cartage employee Brett Henley said he walked six laps during last year’s “Walk-at-Work Day” out of pure desire to be outside, in nature.

    “I love doing this,” he said of the event. “I don’t have to think too hard about exercising, and I can make people smile as we pass each other on the trail. It’s a real joy.”

    Also participating at the“Walk-at-Work” Day were team members of Inland Intermodal Logistics Services, LLC, a company that provides administrative services to IMC Companies, and team members of River City Capital Leasing, a company that leases trucks to IMC Companies.

    IMC Companies is a national intermodal logistics specialist focused on international shipments. Its companies include Atlantic Intermodal Services; Intermodal Cartage; Gulf Intermodal Services; National Drayage Services; DNJ Intermodal Services; and Frederick Intermodal. For more information on the IMC Companies family of brands, visit

    Posted: April 30, 2012