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  • In the spotlight – Katie George Hooser

    From the Memphis Business Journal –


    Age: 26

    Hometown: Memphis

    Education: Hutchison School, Emory University, and pursuing MBA at Christian Brothers University

    First job: My first job was at Intermodal Cartage. I started during the summers when I was 13 years old filling lots of paperwork!

    Family: I have been married for three years to my husband, Andrew Hooser

    What do you do: I handle sales for IMCG’s Memphis region and manage IMC Cos.’ public relations and marketing efforts. I am also the upcoming 2012 president of the Memphis World Trade Club.


    Like best about job: The great relationships I have with so many of our customers. I have been very lucky in my career to have many people support and help me to be successful.

    Like least about job: Capacity restrictions

    Pet peeve: Arrogance

    Most important lesson learned: Change is the only real constant. Particularly in the transportation industry, it is important to anticipate and proactively adapt to meet market needs.  

    Person most interested in meeting: The late Malcolm McLean who was the “father of containerization.” He started as a trucker!

    Most respected competitor: TCW

    Career goals: To make IMC Cos. The most respected brand in our industry. I am so proud of IMC Cos. And everything we have accomplished since we were founded in 1982. I want everyone to see our company the way I do.

    First choice for a new career: Artist


    Favorite quote: “Stay the course.” – George Bush and often repeated by my dad, Mark George

    Most influential book: The Bible

    Favorite cause: Agape Child and Family Services

    Favorite status symbol: An old Intermodal Cartage sweatshirt. It’s from the ‘90s!

    Favorite movie: “True Grit”

    Favorite restaurant: West Street Diner

    Favorite vacation spot: Turks and Caicos

    Favorite way to spend free time: I love spending time outside. Right now, Andrew and I are growing a pumpkin patch. That has been a lot of fun!

    Favorite stress reducers: Running

    Favorite musicians: Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, Miranda Lambert

    Automobile: Acura TL


    How are local companies adjusting to the new CSA 2010 regulations?

    Intermodal Cartage has always gone out of its way to hire the safest and most reliable fleet of drivers. I support any regulations that encourage other companies to do the same.

    That being said, it is estimated that CSA will take out between 5 to 8 percent of drivers from our industry. Because the available driver pool is already small, this reduction in capacity could cause real problems. To be successful, trucking companies must find ways to help their drivers be compliant with the new regulations, as we are.

    Our safety department and operations group meet with drivers individually to address any issues that affect their scores. We have found that something as simple as giving our drivers special folders to help organize their insurance paperwork can help them be better prepared for an inspection. It’s a learning process and we want our drivers to be ahead of the curve.

    Posted: September 30, 2011