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  • Frederick Intermodal wins BNSF contracts

    From Memphis Business Journal

    BNSF Railway Co. has picked a division of Memphis-based IMC Cos. to repair and maintain its equipment at its Southeast Memphis intermodal yard.

    The Fort Worth, Texas-based railroad company awarded the contract to Frederick Intermodal for its Memphis and St. Louis facilities. Frederick sublet the Memphis contract to a fellow IMC Cos. firm, River City Maintenance & Repair. BNSF chooses intermodal equipment repair vendors every five years. IMC owns River City and Frederick Intermodal, which is headquartered in St. Louis.

    The new contract started June 1 and has resulted in the hiring of five new mechanics, giving River City 18 mechanics in Memphis. That number is expected to increase to 27 in July.

    “They won’t all be on this new contract, but they’ll all be at that ramp because of new opportunities and being able to display our product,” Tim Farrell, president of River City, says. “We’re busier than we’ve ever been.”

    River City was making repairs at the BNSF facility for other customers before this contract.

    River City would like to grow its business with BNSF, emulating what Frederick Intermodal has done west of the Mississippi in Houston and Fort Worth, Texas, Denver and Kansas City, Kan.

    River City handles business for other companies in Nashville and Huntsville, Ala. However, for BNSF, it only handles Memphis repairs.

    “We want to be outside of Memphis, too,” Farrell says. “We want to prove to them that east of the Mississippi, we’re the vendor of choice.”

    Posted: June 20, 2011