Atlantic Intermodal Services

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    From the Post and Courier –

    Jeffrey Banton

    BIRTH DATE AND PLACE: September 1963, Memphis, Tenn.

    RESIDENCE: Daniel Island.

    OCCUPATION: President of Atlantic Intermodal Services on Clements Ferry Road.

    FAMILY: Wife, Debra; children, Blake, 17, and Rachel, 13; and dog Bennie, 4.

    EDUCATION: University of Memphis, where I studied transportation and logistics.

    TALENTS/HOBBIES: Fishing, running and exercising.

    BIGGEST ISSUE FACING CHARLESTON COUNTY: The planning of the transportation infrastructure pertaining to the new port in Charleston.

    IN MY SPARE TIME: I go to my kids’ sporting events.

    IF I KNEW TODAY WERE MY LAST DAY ON EARTH I WOULD: Be with my family at church!

    SOMETHING IMPORTANT LIFE HAS TAUGHT ME: The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. A good work ethic, persistency and passion will lead to success.

    I AM MOST PROUD of: A solid family and a strong business.

    BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Family camping, canoeing trips.

    PEOPLE I ADMIRE MOST: Self-motivators. People who overcome major setbacks, yet still reach their goals.

    EAST COOPER NEEDS: More vessels calling the port.

    IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT THE WORLD TODAY: One person can’t change the world, but leading by a good example can start a positive trend.

    Posted: June 6, 2011