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IMC Companies Joins U.S. EPA Smartway Transport Partnership

IMC Companies recently announced that Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS), DNJ Intermodal Services (DNJ), Gulf Intermodal Services (GIS), Intermodal Cartage Company (IMCG) and National Drayage Services (NDS) have joined the SmartWay® Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry, which provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains.

The companies will contribute to the Partnership’s savings of 1.5 billion gallons of fuel, $3.6 billion in fuel costs, 14.7 MMT of carbon dioxide (CO2), 215,000 tons of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and 8,000 tons of particulate matter.  Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas, and nitrogen oxide is an air pollutant that contributes to smog.  By joining SmartWay Transport Partnership, IMC Companies demonstrates its strong environmental leadership and corporate responsibility.

“At IMC Companies, we are constantly searching for ways to provide our clients with quality service while ensuring our output minimally impacts the environment,” said IMC Companies chairman Mark H. George. “We felt our mission tied in perfectly with the goals of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, and we look forward to doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We are confident that this partnership will benefit the environment and, in turn, our customers for many years to come.”

Developed jointly in early 2003 by EPA and Charter Partners represented by industry stakeholders, environmental groups, American Trucking Associations and Business for Social Responsibility, this program was launched in 2004. Partners rely upon SmartWay tools and approaches to track and reduce emissions and fuel use from goods movement. The Partnership currently has over 3,000 partners. For information about the SmartWay Transport Partnership, visit www.epa.gov/smartway

About IMC Companies:

IMC Companies is a national network of trucking transport and support businesses, providing local and regional services of international and domestic containers; chassis and container maintenance and repair; full service container depots and secured container storage; hazardous material shipments; reefer service, fueling and protection; roadside repair services; and rail terminal operations. To learn more about IMC Companies family of brands, visit www.imccompanies.com.

IMC Companies Team Explored On-Site Company Walking Trail for 6th Annual “Walk-at-Work” Day

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, more than 100 IMC Companies team members participated in the company’s 6th Annual “Walk-at-Work Day,” in which the IMC team and their families took time to explore the company’s 1.5-mile walking trail on a beautiful day. Fruit and water were served at the start of the trail, and healthy box lunches from Subway were provided at the gazebo at the trail’s end. It was a “Jeans Day,” allowing employees to be comfortable during their walk. While this trail was perfect for the annual “Walk-at-Work”Day, IMC Companies chairman, Mark George, built the 1.5-mile trail at the company’s East Holmes Road location for himself and his team members to utilize year-round.

“Taking time to focus on fitness and enjoy the outdoors is something that is important to me, not only as a company leader, but as an individual,” George remarked.“We built the trail through our property alongside a lake and over hills into the back of our property. It gives our team members a chance to take an all-important break to connect with nature and increase circulation and health.”

Other team members also see the value in the event and the trail.

“We do this each year to encourage our people to enjoy the outdoors and be healthy,” said Katie George Hooser, who is in charge of business development at Intermodal Cartage, one of the IMC Companies family of brands. “We want to ensure that, in our industry, our team members work to prevent common health issues such as heart disease. In fact, we partner with the American Heart Association to raise awareness of potential risks for heart disease, acting as a key sponsor for the Heart Walk for several years. ‘Walk-at-Work’ Day is part of our effort to make sure we incorporate health, wellness and nature into our workplace.”

Hooser noted that she and others often have “walking meetings” along the trail, enjoying the scenery while collaborating on work-related projects.

Intermodal Cartage employee Brett Henley said he walked six laps during last year’s “Walk-at-Work Day” out of pure desire to be outside, in nature.

“I love doing this,” he said of the event. “I don’t have to think too hard about exercising, and I can make people smile as we pass each other on the trail. It’s a real joy.”

Also participating at the“Walk-at-Work” Day were team members of Inland Intermodal Logistics Services, LLC, a company that provides administrative services to IMC Companies, and team members of River City Capital Leasing, a company that leases trucks to IMC Companies.

IMC Companies is a national intermodal logistics specialist focused on international shipments. Its companies include Atlantic Intermodal Services; Intermodal Cartage; Gulf Intermodal Services; National Drayage Services; DNJ Intermodal Services; and Frederick Intermodal. For more information on the IMC Companies family of brands, visit www.imccompanies.com.

Mark George has long-haul career in transportation with IMC

From the Memphis Business Journal

George was born and raised in Franklin, Tenn. In 1982, he and his wife, Melinda, moved to Memphis to start Intermodal Cartage Co. Since then, George has watched the transportation and logistics industry develop and worked to position his company ahead of the growth curve. George founded IMC Companies LLC in 2009 and currently serves as chairman of the group. What started with one truck and one driver has grown to more than 750 trucks, 125 maintenance and repair vehicles and more than 1,000 employees across the country. He and Melinda have been married for 29 years and have four children.

First job: The only job I’ve ever had is Intermodal Cartage Co.

Education: Attended undergraduate school at the University of Memphis

Residence: Memphis

Business philosophy: What gets measured gets managed

Best way to keep competitive edge: Continually reinvest in your business

Guiding principle: Stay focused

Yardstick of success: When I see people who work for me succeed and become owners of and leaders of their organizations

Goal yet to be achieved: To surpass $1 billion in annual sales

Best business decision: At age 21, deciding that international shipments would be my total career focus

Worst business decision: Worst business decision sounds catastrophic. I guess I’m lucky and I can’t think of any “worst business decision” that I’ve made.

Toughest business decision: Terminating an employee who was putting in effort, but simply didn’t have the skill set to succeed in this industry.

Biggest missed opportunity: Not taking the IMC brand national sooner. We have been a national player for some time, but remained under the radar until recently.

Mentor: My father

Word that best describes you: Opportunist

Like best about job: Making money

Like least about job: Losing money

Pet peeve: Sloppy work environment

Most important lesson learned: Relationships are key. Treat people the way you expect to be treated.

Person most interested in meeting: God

Most respected competitor: Container Port Group, Cleveland Ohio

Three greatest passions: Family, outdoors, business

First choice for a new career: Airplane pilot

Favorite quote: “The only thing that doesn’t change is changes itself.”

Most influential book: The Bible

Favorite cause: Agape Child & Family Services and the American Heart Association

Favoriate status symbol: My four children

Favorite move: “Shawshank Redemption”

Favoriate restaurant: Mel’s Kitchen

Favorite vacation spot: The Caribbean

What’s on your iPod: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Bread

Favorite way to spend free time: Hunting, vacationing in the Caribbean and spending time with my wife and children

Automobile: GMC Yukon Denali

John Perouty Joins Frederick Intermodal

om the Journal of Commerce -

John Perouty has joined Frederick Intermodal as vice president of business development. Frederick Intermodal handles the maintenance and repair of truck containers, chassis, reefers and dry vans. In his new role, Perouty will serve as part of Frederick Intermodal’s senior management team, overseeing day-to-day operations, as well as developing new business for the company.

Prior to his new role, Perouty has held multiple senior-level management positions in transportation companies across the nation.

Frederick Intermodal is a single source solution for maintenance and repair of domestic and international transportation equipment. Frederick Intermodal mechanics provide complete fleet services and reefer services in Texas, the Midwest and the Western United States both on the road and at any of their 10 shops.

Please view www.frederickintermodal.com for more information on locations and services. Frederick Intermodal is part of the IMC Companies family of brands. For more information on IMC Companies, visit www.imccompanies.com.

Frederick Intermodal wins BNSF contracts

From Memphis Business Journal

BNSF Railway Co. has picked a division of Memphis-based IMC Cos. to repair and maintain its equipment at its Southeast Memphis intermodal yard.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based railroad company awarded the contract to Frederick Intermodal for its Memphis and St. Louis facilities. Frederick sublet the Memphis contract to a fellow IMC Cos. firm, River City Maintenance & Repair. BNSF chooses intermodal equipment repair vendors every five years. IMC owns River City and Frederick Intermodal, which is headquartered in St. Louis.

The new contract started June 1 and has resulted in the hiring of five new mechanics, giving River City 18 mechanics in Memphis. That number is expected to increase to 27 in July.

“They won’t all be on this new contract, but they’ll all be at that ramp because of new opportunities and being able to display our product,” Tim Farrell, president of River City, says. “We’re busier than we’ve ever been.”

River City was making repairs at the BNSF facility for other customers before this contract.

River City would like to grow its business with BNSF, emulating what Frederick Intermodal has done west of the Mississippi in Houston and Fort Worth, Texas, Denver and Kansas City, Kan.

River City handles business for other companies in Nashville and Huntsville, Ala. However, for BNSF, it only handles Memphis repairs.

“We want to be outside of Memphis, too,” Farrell says. “We want to prove to them that east of the Mississippi, we’re the vendor of choice.”

Frederick Intermodal of IMC Companies Wins Contract With BNSF In Memphis & St. Louis

From the Journal of Commerce
IMC Companies’ River City Maintenance & Repair Will Service the Memphis BNSF Facility

(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) – Frederick Intermodal, a member of the IMC Companies family of brands, was awarded an expansion bid with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway to repair all damaged equipment in the Memphis, Tennessee, and St. Louis, Missouri, hubs for the next five years. Frederick Intermodal will utilize River City Maintenance & Repair, also a member of the IMC Companies family of brands, to service the Memphis BNSF facility.

“Our job is to support BNSF ramp operations by making sure that the chassis and trailers are repaired and available,” explained Frederick Intermodal president Joey Frederick. “By doing our job, cargo can be delivered on time – just one small part of the global supply chain.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to continue our relationship with BNSF,” Frederick added, noting that Frederick Intermodal is also a vendor for BNSF in Houston, Texas; Ft. Worth/Alliance, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Kansas City, Kansas.

The contract began June 1 for both bids. Frederick Intermodal mechanics are already stationed at the BNSF facility in St. Louis, and River City Maintenance & Repair mechanics are at the BNSF facility in Memphis, Frederick noted.

Tim Farrell, president of River City Maintenance & Repair, said he is thrilled to be part of this contract.

“Anytime you have a five-year contract with a Class 1 Railroad, it’s a big deal,” Farrell said. “It’s a testament to the fact that we are more than our individual companies. We are partners in service, as we are part of a national family of brands that can service clients from coast to coast and beyond.”

Frederick Intermodal and River City Maintenance & Repair employ more than 150 mechanics, who perform maintenance and repair services to intermodal equipment providers throughout the United States. For more information about Frederick Intermodal and River City Maintenance & Repair, visit www.imccompanies.com and click on “Companies.”

Wizards bring excitement to Madisonville

From the Madisonville Meteor

Sweat poured from the faces of Mustang FCA players as they practiced their dribbling and free throws before a fund-raising basketball game May 11 with the famed Harlem Wizards.

“Do you know CPR?” quipped one Mustang player heading to the bench for a rest. Another leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, and said, “I’m already winded.” Sweat-stained towels draped shoulders and chair backs.

The fast-paced, entertaining game at the Madisonville High School gymnasium between the two teams moved from a halftime score of Wizards 43 and Mustangs 42 to an ending score of Wizards 95 and Mustangs 88. Nearly 1,000 adults and children watched and cheered from the bleachers.

But all the sweat and heavy breathing had a higher purpose than just fun and exercise for those playing on both teams. They were raising money to send local youth to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) camp this summer at Texas A&M University in College Station.

“I was an FCA officer in high school, and as a youth pastor, I believe in the mission of the FCA,” said Joey Frederick, whose company, Frederick Intermodal, brought the Wizards to Madisonville. “And as a company, our mission is to be good stewards of what God has given us and provide clean family fun.”

Harlem Wizards player Arnold “A-Train” Bernard said the team also was invited to Madisonville because he and Frederick are long-time friends and played basketball together during their student days at San Jacinto College in Houston.

“This is a special game for me, because Joey and I go back a long way,” said Bernard, laughing. “We have a nice past, but I’m going to do my best to make him look bad. The most important thing about tonight is we’re going to have fun out there.”

The Wizards team consisted of Eric “Broadway” Jones, David “DP” Paul, Arnold “A-Train” Bernard, Rashaan “Rocket” Barner, James “Roadrunner” Tyndal and Kendric “Special K” Price.

Since 1962, the Harlem Wizards have entertained fans around the world with their skills as basketball players and master showmen, from show-stopping trick hoops to alley-oops. In addition, the team has raised more than $1 million for charities and organizations like FCA.

The FCA is an interdenominational, Christian organization that was founded in 1954 and has touched the lives of million of athletes in its history. It operates on countless school campuses and teaches the four core values of integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence.

Sandy Isbell, FCA representative for Madison, Grimes and Leon counties, said she appreciated the work done by the local churches, FCA Huddle Coaches and Frederick Intermodal in bringing the team to Madisonville.

Before the game, Mustang FCA players gathered under the hoops and took turns shooting baskets. The Mustang teams were divided into teachers and principals, first quarter; youth pastors, second quarter; coaches, third quarter; and high school alumni, fourth quarter.

“We’re doing this for the kids,” said Catherine Franke, a Madisonville coach for high school volleyball and junior high basketball and track. “I think it’s a good way to show them how to compete in a fun and classy way. And it’s wonderful to show the kids that good Christian athletes can compete.”

Feet pounded the court as players from both teams raced from one hoop to the other, hoping to score points. The Harlem Wizards demonstrated trick shots and hung from hoop rims, all the while engaging the crowd in their antics.

During intermission, Ryan Tannehill, the incoming senior quarterback who led Texas A&M University to wins over Teas, Oklahoma and Nebraska last season, spoke about his faith in God. Tannehill said God is blessing his life right now, but that could quickly change.

“I love playing sports, but it doesn’t last,” Tannehill said. “One day, both football and life will end for me. That’s why God is my rock. Everyone may abandon you, but he won’t. In fact, he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins, and that’s a true blessing.”

Tannehill said his favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:23, which talks about working for God’s approval and not for man’s approval. Tannehill said he thinks about that verse when he feels unhappy with something in his life, and it motivates him to go out and do his best for God.

During the second half of the game, Tony Matthews, a seventh-grade math teacher at Madisonville Junior High School, sat on the bench and watched while his teammates struggled to keep up with the Wizards. Matthews played during the first half of the game.

“This has been tons of fun,” he said. “I’m glad the Wizards came out. I tried to keep up with them, but I have asthma and was huffing and puffing. Still, I had a lot of fun and they are super-nice guys.”

Mustang FCA players were:

Teachers and principals – Marc Hodges, Lori Hagaman, Pam Ghormley, Glenn Guderian, C.K. Smith, Tony Matthews and Shae Murphy.

Youth pastors – Josh Schwarz, Jonathan Pugsley, Jarred Ricks, Joey Frederick, Brandon Bales and Chad Huff.

Coaches – Sherah McPherson, Brian Thurmond, Daniel Mitchell, Brock Wardlaw, Justin Grimes, Catherine Franke, Jo Dorman, Jarrod Byrd and Jack Trosper.

Madisonville High School alumni – Brandon Cook, Brian McCloud, Pat Cooper, Kole Savage, David Delasandra, Wes Hammett and John Blakely.

Referees – Spencer Cook and Wade Phillips.

Frederick Intermodal focuses on relationships

From the Madisonville Meteor -

Joey Frederick has a bigger mission than money.

Not that the owner of Frederick Intermodal — a multi-million company headquartered in an unmarked building at 331 N.  May St. in Madisonville — hasn’t made his share of it.

The company has grown from 32 employees and four satellite offices in 2004, when Frederick bought it from his mother to 137 employees and nine satellite offices. Sales have grown from single digits to double digits of millions during that time.

Frederick Intermodal, which started as Frederick Tire Service in Houston by Frederick’s parents, John and Dianne Frederick, is a container-repair company. It services both the international shipping and domestic transportation communities.

Not only does the company repair the large box containers that ride on ships and railroads, it provides mobile repairs on containers carried by semi-trucks. The company can repair or replace brakes, lights, and tires, do structural welding, and can totally rebuild a container that was in an accident.

“A lot of people know me from living here, but they have no clue what we do here,” Frederick said. “Our job is to make sure that cargo flows. We are a small part of the global supply chain, but we are important. There are a lot of products people buy here that we had a part in getting to them.”

The company has satellite offices in Houston, Dallas, Alliance, Fort Worth, and El Paso in Texas, and in Denver,  Colo.; North Platte, Neb.; Kansas City, Kan.; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Some of its biggest customers are Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Gulf Consolidated Chassis Pool, Mark It Services, Trac International and Domestic, and Maersk.

But Frederick’s mission encompasses much more than his business.

The 40-year-old native of Niles, Mich., who moved to Houston when he was seven-years-old because his father couldn’t stand the cold, is all about his relationships with people and God.

Case in point: Madisonville seventh-grader Austin Blair bursts into the room with Frederick’s daughter, Camryn, carrying a brochure describing the éclairs he is selling to raise money for a project.

Frederick eyes the youth, then tells him to explain why he is there and what he wants. Blair gathers his courage, gives his sales pitch and passes the brochure to the men present. Then he rakes in their orders.

“I feel it is my responsibility, as a good steward of the community, to support the youth,” says Frederick, noting he purchased 12 poinsettias from Blair at Christmas. “But if you want money, you have to come see me. Sell me. We don’t do charity here.”

Frederick’s commitment to the youth is obvious in the plaques lining the hallway of the corporate office. He is the buyer of numerous animals from livestock shows and fairs, including fryer rabbits and penned heifers from the 2010 Madison County Fair.

And since he moved to Madisonville in 2007, he has coached numerous youth sports teams — soccer, basketball and baseball.

Frederick believes giving the youth his time is more important that just writing a check to them.

Frederick, who is married to Shannon and has three children — Misty Haren, Greg Hanes and Camryn — also is active in Crossroads Cowboy Church.

He serves as part-time youth pastor and is a member of the finance team there.

Frederick also is committed to his community. When he first purchased the company, he moved it from Houston to Ft. Worth so it was nearer the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. They bought a house in Ft. Worth and settled in.
Soon after, Shannon’s grandmother in Madisonville became ill, and she went there to take care of her. Frederick sold their Ft. Worth house and rented himself an apartment, bought a house in Madisonville for Shannon, and commuted for three years.

The company was relocated to Madisonville in 2007, after “hitting critical mass,” said Frederick. If it got much bigger — and he needed to add employees and satellite offices — it would be too big to move. The company first moved into the strip mall by Wal-mart.

“Madisonville was more attractive than anywhere,” Frederick said. “My daughter was involved in activities here and I wanted more time at home. I love my church and the community, and the people are very important here. I’m still gone quite a bit, but I get to return home.”

Frederick said he has surrounded himself with good employees here, and with very capable leadership.

Spencer Cook is vice-president of administration, Joey Wells is vice-president of operations, and Brandon Cook is in charge of business development.

“At the end of the day, it’s the people in the company who make it successful,” Frederick said. “It’s the employees who make it what it is. I am very proud to have a committed team. I love the company and am passionate about it, but I really love the people who are making it happen.”

Frederick said he runs the company on the 3-D principle — desire, dedication and discipline to do things correctly the first time.

He is planning to expand into running terminal operations that control cargo, short-line railroad work and doing more road service repair.

But most important to Frederick, who majored in business management at Texas A&M University, is operating a company that is based on religious ethics and values.

Frederick said he owes his success in business to God.

Frederick said the world needs more Christian men and women who have a positive influence on their employees’ lives.

Frederick said he credits his success to divine leading, hard work and running a Christian company that treats people properly.

“Anything I do with Frederick Intermodal stays here on earth,” Frederick said. “But my faith in my Savior is eternal. The Lord has blessed me tremendously and allowed me to be a success, and I will continue to give the glory to God.”

IMC Companies · 3150 Lenox Park Boulevard, Suite 312 · Memphis, TN 38115 · 901-312-2244